7 mar. 2011

Sex slavery: A family business in Romania

When Marius Nejloveanu was sent to jail in January for 21 years, it was the longest sentence anyone had faced in Britain for human trafficking.

The judge said the 23-year-old Romanian, together with his 51-year-old father, Bogdan, had run a sex trafficking ring like a family business. They lured several women, then aged between 15 and 23 years old, from Romania to the brothels of Madrid and Manchester, where they forced them to work as prostitutes.

One of the girls, who wished to remain anonymous described her experiences in captivity. "I saw one of them removing the eye of a girl because she wasn't making enough money," the girl said. "Another time I saw them cut another girl's leg. They were all afraid to run away or tell the police. When they weren't happy with us, they took us away into a house and tortured us."

The UN estimates up to 800,000 people a year are sold into slavery – these slaves have no rights, they are used and abused and exist only to make money for their owners." - Read more (CNN - Jonathan Wald )

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