2 mar. 2011

Oil & hypocrisy “just beyond belief”

Is history repeating itself? This time, Libya – in 2003, it was Iraq.
Trends forecaster Gerald Celente says it is not support for the Libyan people, but interest in the country's vast oil fields that is driving US rhetoric.

The only reason they are interested in Libya is for their oil. Do you hear anybody screaming and yelling here about all those people that were killed last week on the Ivory Coast or in Sudan?” Celente questions. “We already heard Hillary Clinton say that they are willing to do anything for anybody in Libya that needs aid.

Gerald Celente says the hypocrisy is “just beyond belief” and the western world is calling for the head of Gaddafi but not for the head of any other leader from rioting countries like Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia or Yemen.
Why? Because it is oil. You think we’d be in Iraq if the major export there was broccoli? exclaimed Celente.

2 comentarii:

Arab Talk spunea...

the Libyan people know that. Saw a photo with protesters in Libya holding a banner saying "the people of Libya can manage ALONE. No foreign intervention" :)

Mad Mike spunea...

No matter how well things are going, I hope for the best, but expect the worst to happen.The people who cast the votes decide nothing, we're in for a rough economic ride.