27 aug. 2007

Everything Is Under Control - COLDCUT

Coldcut is a dance music duo comprising English DJs Matt Black and Jonathan More best known for their hit "Doctorin' The House" and their remix of Eric B & Rakim's "Paid In Full".DJ Jonathan More si DJ Matt Black, mai pe scurt Coldcut, s-au lansat in industria muzicala in anii 80 prin remixurile pieselor rock, hip-hop si dance ale artistilor Yaz, Lisa Stansfield, Junior Reid, Blondie, Eric B. & Rakim si Queen Latifah. Genul de muzica adoptat de ei era acid-house/rave insa nu ezitau sa confere stilului tendinte breakbeat, hip-hop, jungle. Primul lor EP s-a intitulat „Hey Kids, What Time Is It?”. Proiectele lor se bazeaza in general pe compozitii complexe de genuri muzicale, de la muzica electronica la fragmente simple de underground.

26 aug. 2007

The Knife - We Share Our Mother’s Health

The Knife is Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer Andersson. They are based in Stockholm, Sweden and have made music together since 1999, released on their own label Rabid Records.
The video is animated by Motomichi Nakamura and has already been selected for the Onedotzero festival in London, ICA June 2-11. The Knife don’t do anything by half, and they don’t do anything twice. Compromise is the enemy, repetition a cop-out.

21 aug. 2007

Planet Earth - Caves

The Cave of Swallows in Mexico is a 400m vertical shaft, deep enough to engulf the Empire State Building. The Lechuguilla cave system in the USA is 193km long with astonishing crystal formations. Caves are remarkable habitats with equally bizarre wildlife. Cave angel fish cling to the walls behind waterfalls with microscopic hooks on their fins. Cave swiftlets navigate by echo-location and build nests out of saliva. The Texas cave salamander has neither eyes nor pigment. Planet Earth gets unique access to a hidden world of stalactites, stalagmites, snotites and troglodytes.

19 aug. 2007

Does Snuff Exist ?!

Snuff films depict the killing of a human being — a human sacrifice (without the aid of special effects or other trickery) perpetuated for the medium of film and circulated amongst a jaded few for the purpose of entertainment.
A psychopath who tortures and murders solely to satisfy his personal demons but who videotapes the event to create a reliveable record of the experience has produced a snuff film.
Fear of a thriving snuff film industry is what drives this popular myth. As a society, we're not all that concerned with the concept of serial killers walking among us, killing here and there, because no one thinks of himself or his loved ones as potential serial murder victims.

15 aug. 2007

#1 choice - Aphex Twin -> Come to daddy

Birth name Richard David James aka :
Blue Calx
Bradley Strider
Martin Tresseder
Caustic Window
Soit P.P.
Polygon Window
Prichard G. Jams
The Dice Man
Tahnaiya Russell
DJ Smojphace