28 feb. 2009


SENATUL EVZ: Cocalariatul
de Răzvan Exarhu: „Proletariatul a murit, trăiască cocalariatul!”
Sâmbătă, 28 Februarie 2009

Asta e noua categorie care unifică prin atitudine toate vechile clase sociale. Eugen Ionescu nu ar mai fi scris „Rinocerii”. Ei se numesc altfel acum şi au construit cea mai solidă şi funcţională frăţie secretă. Atât de secretă, încât membrii ei nu ştiu că există. De-asta şi merge perfect.

Cocalarii pot să comunice telepatic şi se pot recunoaşte intuitiv. Nici nu e nevoie ca toţi să arate la fel sau să poarte un semn distinctiv. Şi se prind imediat când gelul de pe părul tău nu este întins din suflet. Că vârful pantofilor tăi nu stă în sus pentru că aşa vrea muşchiul tău.

De la o vreme, am observat că expunerea cocalarilor a devenit un sport naţional. La prima vedere, pare să fie vorba despre o critică din asta constructivă. Sanchi, noi vi-i arătăm ca să râdem de ei, iar ei să înţeleagă probabil că ceva e în neregulă şi că ar trebui să-şi reconsidere ţinuta şi comportamentul. În afară de rating, acolo unde e cazul, nu se întâmplă nimic, pentru că avem de-a face cu o majoritate în creştere......continuare articol

19 feb. 2009

Another World

Antony and the Johnsons
Genre(s) Chamber pop
Dark Cabaret
Years active 1998 - present
Label(s) Secretly Canadian
Rough Trade
Website www.antonyandthejohnsons.com
Antony Hegarty (vocals)

Julia Kent (cello)
Parker Kindred (drums)
Jeff Langston (bass)
Doug Wieselman (horns)
Maxim Moston (violin, arrangement)
Rob Moose (guitar, violin)

18 feb. 2009

Abolish The IMF & World Bank

In an interview with Sir David Frost on Al Jazeera television, veteran investor Jim Rogers pinned the blame for the economic crisis squarely at the feet of the Federal Reserve, and said that the World Bank and the IMF should be abolished, not given more power, if a recovery is to be made.

Rogers strongly slammed Obama’s stimulus package, pointing out that more good money was being thrown after bad, and that the bailouts were only making things worse. The veteran investor said that the U.S. was following the same disastrous policies as Japan in propping up companies that should be allowed to fail, and that the same consequences would be reaped as much as 20 years into the future.
In response to a question about what if any sectors would be profitable amidst the crash, Rogers advised people invested in stocks to “get yourself a tractor and learn how to farm”..... more on www.infowars.com

Omul de afaceri Jim Rogers: Cel mai bun lucru care s-ar putea intampla ar fi sa desfiintam Banca Mondiala si FMI ... mai multe pe www.ziua.ro

12 feb. 2009

Darwin Day - Ziua şi anul Darwin in România

Poster Darwin Day

Anul acesta se împlinesc 200 de ani de la naşterea lui Charles Darwin şi 150 de ani de la publicarea cărţii lui "Despre originea speciilor” care a revoluţionat biologia şi numeroase alte discipline ştiinţifice precum şi viziunea asupra originii omului şi a lumii vii. Intra pe www.evolutionism.ro

9 feb. 2009

Trist, dar adevărat

Update : Clipul a fost inlaturat de pe tube la cererea ciorilor ofensate.

partea 2 ; partea 3 ; partea 4 ; partea 5 ; partea 6

7 feb. 2009

Poster Boy - Slice and Dice

While most other street or graffiti artists concentrate on adding their own imagery, illegally, to parts of the subway system, Poster Boy, a kind of anti-consumerist Zorro with a razor blade, a sense of humor and a talent for collage, has made his outlaw presence known all over the city by cutting and pasting the images that are already there in the form of ads.

But his stealth campaign, which has entertained thousands of normally glassy-eyed commuters and infuriated the police and the companies whose costly ads he has chopped up and scrambled, will probably get a lot harder now. At an art event in SoHo on Saturday, a group of plainclothes New York City police officers finally caught up to and unmasked, at least metaphorically, the man they say is Poster Boy.He is Henry Matyjewicz, a 27-year-old who lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and he was found after a tip from someone who saw the name Poster Boy on a flier for the event, the police said.

911 cover up

“The officers had information that he was, in fact, going to be at that gallery that night,” Mr. Browne said, adding that he believed that the department had evidence of Mr. Matyjewicz at work scrambling parts of subway posters. (Although his face is obscured, there is also plentiful video of Poster Boy doing his thing at friendswelove.com and on YouTube.)

But a man identifying himself as “Henry,” who called The New York Times on Tuesday in response to messages for Poster Boy sent through friends, cast some existential doubt on whether Mr. Matyjewicz was, in fact, the man the police were after.

“Henry is one of many individuals who believe in the Poster Boy ‘movement,’ ” the man wrote later on Tuesday in an e-mail message, referring to Mr. Matyjewicz in the third person. “Henry’s part is to do legal artwork while propagating the ideas behind Poster Boy. That’s why it was O.K. for him to take the fall the other night.”

He added, “Henry Matyjewicz is innocent.”

Moni Pineda, a co-creator and producer for Friends We Love, a New York documentary video series that profiles young artists, said that she and the series’s other creator, Mike Vargas, had just begun a benefit event in the SoHo space on Saturday evening when they noticed a commotion involving a person Ms. Pineda would identify only as “a friend,” adding, “Poster Boy could be anybody.”

“The police came into a private event,” Ms. Pineda said. “They didn’t show a warrant to me or anybody. And the next thing we know, our friend is walking out with a bunch of guys we didn’t know.”

Ms. Pineda said she and others came up with bail for their friend, but not before he had been transferred to Rikers Island, where he stayed before being released in the wee hours of Monday morning.

In one of his YouTube videos, Poster Boy says that he started rearranging subway ads because he wanted to make art but could not afford materials. “I mean, a razor pretty much anybody can afford,” he says.

Obama Drama

His work grows out of a wave of remix culture that has inspired many young artists and musicians over the last decade, though in Poster Boy’s case it is decidedly analog. And he would like to see the idea spread, he wrote on Tuesday in a series of answers to e-mailed questions.

“Socially, I’d like people to understand that there is a difference between what is right and what is just,” he said. “If there is a law that is outdated, impractical, and/or immoral, people should have the right to challenge it. Remember, slavery was considered legal at one point. I consider the world’s current modus operandi a modern slave system. I intend to challenge it in any way I can.”

In a recent interview with Gothamist.com, Poster Boy bragged that the police vandal squad officers had been “hounding” him for his autograph. He added that he had begun moving on to more ambitious — and, legally, probably riskier — projects involving whole billboards and, mysteriously, “something planned that, if successful, will make the poster and billboard stuff look trivial.”

On Tuesday Poster Boy said that Mr. Matyjewicz’s arrest meant only good things for Poster Boy. “More awareness,” he wrote in the e-mail interview . “More support. Outdoor advertising, a blight that can’t be ignored, will become illegal.”

Yet Ms. Pineda, who said she had seen her friend on Monday after his release from jail, said he might have to reassess his plans in light of his looming legal problems.

“He believes in what he’s doing,” she said. “He still has a lot to say. But I don’t think even he knows how things are going to shape up.”

“And again,” she made a point to add, “Poster Boy can be anybody.”

Poster Boy Is Caught, or Is It a Stand-In? By RANDY KENNEDY Published: February 3, 2009, NYTimes.com

More about :
Poster Boy NYC's photostream


5 feb. 2009

Omen : New Single From The Prodigy

Omen is the first official single to be taken from the Prodigy's highly anticipated album Invaders Must Die. A white hot shot of pure pumped-up, punk rock Prodigy adrenaline beamed straight into the moshpit from rave central, Omen is everything you have ever wanted from the Prodigy condensed into three eardrum bothering minutes.

The band put out a free download as a taster of what's to come. This was a huge success and was hailed as the hottest record in the world by Zane Lowe (Radio 1). On www.theprodigy.com the download and accompanying video stream received in excess of one million plays globally in the first 5 days and a further 350,000+ streams in the following week.

Invaders Must Die (released February 23rd) is 40 minutes of having your head battered by future nostalgia, serotonin levels twisted by feel-good horrorcore and your synapses snapped by whiplash attitude. It's the sound of the Prodigy mixing up genres, contorting the past and rewiring the future, ram-raiding through the tranquility of music's status quo like a blot on the landscape of England's dreaming.

Invaders Must Die is the unique sound of the Prodigy, still trespassing after all these years, walking the path they've created for themselves. And with that free party attitude still breaking and entering where others can only dream of following.

The Prodigy's 5th studio album, "Invaders Must Die" is released 23rd February 2009 through Take Me To The Hospital / Cooking Vinyl

More: www.theprodigy.com

1 feb. 2009


Dutch parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a native of Somalia who emigrated to The Netherlands in the early 1990s, is no stranger to controversy among her fellow Muslims. Living in the West, she felt free to publicly criticize Islam's treatment of women.

But that freedom came at a price. In 2004, a short film Ali scripted called Submission was shown on Dutch television. In the film, naked w
omen veiled with see-through shrouds painted with verses of the Quran kneel in prayer, telling their stories as if they are speaking to Allah.

The film's co-writer and director Theo Van Gogh was later stabbed to death by a Muslim radical. A letter pinned to the body with a dagger threatened Ali's life. Since then, she has been under the constant protection of body guards.

The danger hasn't stopped her from remaining outspoken about her beliefs. Ali calls her new collection of essays, The Caged Virgin, an "Emancipation Proclamation" for women and Islam......more here

Watch "Submission" (in english)

The movie deals with the topic of violence against women in some Islamic societies; telling the stories of four abused Muslim women. The title itself, "Submission", is a translation of the word "Islam" into English.